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Sensual Massage

Sensual Massage Dubai

This massage is originated by Japanese and they are expert in doing sensual massage that involves fingers and thumbs to apply enough pressure to acupuncture/acupressure points to provide relief from pain and stress. There is a usual thing between shiatsu and massage. Both methods are wonderful ways of promoting relieving stress and health. What is sensual massage?

What is sensual massage?

The duration of this massage is mainly 30 minutes. Most of the times people get confused this massage with erotic, sexual and tantric massage. What kind of massage is this? The solution to this confusion is yes, this is less or more like tantric massage, which is provided with an actual sense of compassion and intimacy as well as involves intentional stimulation of the body. Trained masseurs provide this massage!

Relief from Stress With Sensual Massage Dubai:

It’s a complete emotional and physical experience. However, tantric massage includes specific ritual and ceremony like deep breathing exercise and chanting, which often gives spiritual healing. Sensual massage focuses more on providing genuine massage with stimulating the complete body leads to orgasm. We have all trained masseurs who provide amazing sensual massage to our clients. This is a high-quality therapeutic massage, which can be firmly given to work on the muscles and gently to boost relaxation and a blend of both.

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